We Support Caregivers

In Their Efforts to Protect Quality Healthcare & Good Jobs In Our Communities

An Open Letter to Healthcare Executives

(May be mailed to executives and published online, in newspapers and elsewhere)

The healthcare workers of 1199SEIU are highly valued members of our communities, and have dedicated their lives to providing quality patient care. They have informed us that in their current contract negotiations with the League of Voluntary Hospitals and Homes, employers are threatening the health benefits that 110,000 caregivers and their families rely on. These threats could result in massive cuts for 55,000 lower-wage workers, and future cuts for all members. Quality healthcare depends on healthy caregivers, so endangering health benefits puts patients and public health at risk.

The economic health of our communities is also in danger. Health systems are opening many outpatient facilities, and these are the jobs of the future. But too many of these new jobs have sub-standard wages and benefits, and workers do not have a union voice to improve conditions. New York needs more good, middle-class jobs, not dead-end jobs with low pay and meager benefits.

Healthcare employers can certainly afford to provide quality health benefits and good jobs. The five largest healthcare systems had over $20 billion in revenue last year, and executive compensation has been skyrocketing.

We strongly urge executives to take the high road, and help lead New York’s healthcare industry in the right direction. Instead of threatening the quality of healthcare services and jobs, executives should work with the members of 1199SEIU to promote the health of patients, workers, families and communities.

In Unity with New York’s Caregivers,

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